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Best time loss weight is now!

TCL Medical is here to help and guide you to losing that stubborn weight.

It has never been easier to look and feel your best. Our simple and easy to follow plan and instructions works!

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Only $199, start now and Save $480!

​Initial Week Includes:

Get everything done in one place! Wow, no need to go to the lab, imaging center, pharmacy and more!

Save an extra $50 if you purchase Dynamic Yearly Plan!

Weight Loss Consultation - $100

In Person Medical Evaluation for Wt Loss Prescriptions -$100
Onsite EKG - $50
Weight Loss Labs - $100
B12 Injection - $29
Personalized Dietary and Macro Evaluation -$100
Life Coaching - $100

Injection and IV Hydration Consult -$100

Wt loss clients that are not an established primarycare patient of the office are able to for only $150 more (Normally $299) and as an integrative patient for only $250 more (Normally $399).

Weekly Visits are only $99, Save $230 every week!

Weekly Visits Includes:

Save an extra $20 a week and get discounts on weight loss injections and infusions if you purchase the Dynamic Yearly Plan!

Weekly Medical Provider Visit for Wt Loss - $ 100
Labs Reviews - $70
Weekly B 12 Injection - $29
Weekly Life Coaching $100

Weekly Body Measurements - $30

Personalized weekly wt loss strategies and tools. 
Prescription for weightless included with medical visit if you meet the criteria!

Recommended length of weight loss is 14 weeks.

Discounts on Weight Loss Injections and Infusions. – Only available if you have the TCL Discount Plan!

Wt loss clients have 30 days from the start of the program to save on primarycare and/or intergrative new patient exams.

Location for Success!

6613 49th Street North

Pinellas Park, FL 33781

(727) 490-8670

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